What Is The Future Of Food Delivery Industry?

When on a tiresome day, you may feel very lazy to cook or too worn out to go to a restaurant, but still would want to have a good meal. At times like these, online food ordering comes to your rescue. And even if you are an entrepreneur launching your restaurant, food delivery platforms can help you a lot in establishing your brand.

How Does The Food Delivery Industry Work?

The food delivery industry has completely changed the DNA of how a restaurant works. It has reduced the dinning space and increased kitchen space in many restaurants. It has also helped in forming many cloud kitchens and virtual kitchens.

There are two types of food delivery methods. One is the conventional way – orders are placed over the phone and is delivered by the restaurant to the customers.

The second method is, through online food delivery platforms. As restaurants are always looking for new and creative ways to improve their business, food delivery platforms aid them in these aspects. A restaurant can partner with an online food delivery platform to promote and display their food items for a consumer to see them and order the food of their choice. There is also room for the restaurants to highlight their signature dishes with beautiful photos and compelling description so that the eaters can quickly discover items they want. These platforms build their own logistics network, providing delivery for restaurants that do not have their drivers. Therefore, this is a three-sided network that works with vendors(restaurants), customers who buy food, and delivery(drivers).

From a consumers perspective, the food delivery platforms make available to them a wide range of delicious food items from various restaurants in their locality so that they can choose and order their favourite meals from their favourite restaurant.

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Features Of Food Delivery

Food delivery platforms have curated mobile applications based on customer, restaurant and delivery partner experience. It means that you can get your food just by the tap of a button on your mobile screen.

We can get many items through online food delivery portals. From groceries, fresh organic foods, non-prepared foods to extravagant dishes.

Food delivery is available for 24 hours a day, and all seven days of the week. So you can enjoy having your favourite local food, or a different cuisine of food anytime, anywhere. Be it in a park, workplace, hospital, car or elsewhere. Or if you are an organised person, you can also schedule your orders beforehand to get your meals at the right time.

There are also several offers and discounts available on these delivery apps, so when you order on the portal, you save your hard-earned money, apart from saving your time and energy. And who wants to be stuck in a traffic jam, getting tensed and stressed out before a meal! Thanks to the food delivery industry!

These food delivery apps, apart from delivering your food fresh and hot, in a short amount of time, also provides real-time tracking, to enable you to know where your food is at the moment.

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Future Of Food Delivery Industry

The food delivery industry is the fastest-growing industry, and it is estimated that the market for food delivery is projected to grow to 467 billion dollars over the next five years. That is a 31% increase. As of now, Millenials make up 70% of the online delivery customers. This fact shows that the future of this industry could be primarily influenced by what is appealing and most important to Millenials.

These food delivery platforms offer a lot of transparency, in the future, it could be more, it could even inform us about the food served, the products used in it, the calorie count, type of oil used, and much more information.

Convenience is something that bothers the users most. Therefore the food delivery apps can be curated in the future to be personalised for every single individual, based on their past ‘order and search behaviour’.It can also go a step further, where the user can create their taste profile, based on their likings. For example, a customer on his taste profile can mention things like gluten-free, vegan,etc., And that he eats vegetarian on Tuesday, and can also set a few dietary goals. After that, when opened, the app automatically suggests dishes and restaurants based on your taste profile. It saves a lot of your time, as you need not be spending time to scroll down the app searching for the food of your preference. It would also suggest the favourites of your family.

Eaters are very much concerned about the delivery time. So, in the future, the delivery time may be reduced. It can be achieved by using air delivery methods, such as drones, parachutes and other technologies. Your food safely packed inside a specialised carton box escapes all the traffic and reaches you in a matter of a few minutes in these methods. Means you can have your food as soon as it is cooked, and you can also get food from a restaurant that is quite far from your place. This method is already being tested, and may soon be implemented.

Traceability is another feature that may be implemented in the future. For example, if you order an apple online. The application will give you information about, where this apple was cultivated, and when it was plucked from the tree.

It would also allow home chefs/ homemakers who are specialised in a particular dish or cuisine to start selling their stuff through these apps.

In the future, the delivery apps may also allow us to alter the ingredients and calories used in a particular dish.

There is a bright future for this industry. It is beneficial for both restaurants and Consumers.

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